BugaBoo Cameleon3 Kite & win a Bee5


With soon a mum to be myself, I carefully check all the strollers out there to see which one suits well in my life as a mum living in the city of Paris. Things I look at are for instance:

  • Movability: the stroller has to be pushed without too much effort and turn easy
  • Durability: you would like to last with a stroller so the material has to be durable and can bear a rainy day
  • Age range: Possibility to change the stroller to different modes as new born to toddler.
  • Size: living in the city it would be a must that the stroller is light and easy foldable.

One of the brands that stands out for me is Bugaboo. A brand that puts innovation and design on their priority list when they create a new model of stroller.

For this spring Bugaboo comes with two special models that I would like to present.

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Kite.
From this month (March 2017) Bugaboo launches a limited edition. The Cameleon Kite has been an icon from the start with more than 15 years of experience in it. You can adapt it to every age stage and even every terrain (city/woods etc). The newest edition is inspired by the need for freedom and  movement. Like a kite that floats in the air and goes where the wind will take it. The geometric print on the lining is based directly on the kite shape. To soften the bold, angular pattern, Bugaboo chose a balsam green color that gives a fresh and light look. Check out this beauty:


Bugaboo Bee5
The topper of this year: most compact, confortable and stylish stroller at the moment. This month (March 2017) Bugaboo Bee5 is launched, a model that is specially created for parents who are always on the go. A perfect match for the ones that are city people and adventurous. So what is new with this edition?
The stroller gives an even more comfortable and fluid ride now, due to the padded seat, enhanced suspension, improved wheel system etc.
And besides the functionality you can create your own style by choosing out of 15 new materials and colors with all kinds of accessoires. Check out all the possibilities:

Win a Bugaboo Bee5!
And now the best part of this article. If you are living in France you can win a Bugaboo Bee5!
To celebrate the launch of the new Bugaboo Bee5 you can test the stroller in the Natalys stores throughout the country. Not only can you test them, you can also win the stroller since every Natalys store will give one away (29 in total) and of course you can participate through Facebook.
How: Go to a Natalys store near by you or go to Facebook and participate
Till when: you can participate until 15 mars 2017





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