The magic of running – book

la magie du running

In the last decade, running has transformed into the coolest sport of this time. It is like a sport revolution has taken place with many women showing their sweaty faces and running stats on Instagram/FB/Snapchat.

In France alone we have around 5,9 million runners. 19 % are women who at least run 2 hrs a week! And within one year, France organized 5000 races.

To help you tune in to the hype, there is now a very easy and nicely laid out book about the magic of running. Written by one of the big running bloggers in France, Anne&Dubndidu. In this book she turned her 5 years of experience from beginner to runner of marathons into handy tips & tricks how to get there. Including exercises, running schedules, how to stay motivated, being well equipped, hydration…you name it. Step by step she takes your from your first run to your first race (10 km, semi-marathon…).

For now the book is in only in French, but an easy one to read, so no excuses for the ones that know some French. Let’s join the hype! It will make you feel better :-).

La Magie du Running
by Anne&Dubndidu
224 pages – €13,50

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