Testing the Pure Boost X & Ultra Boost



At the day of the Boost Energy League final in February I was asked to test the Pure Boost X running shoes for women. Unfortunately they didn’t have them in my size (42 2/3, yes I am a tall girl). So I tested the latest edition from Ultra Boost with a new wave pattern that runs from toe to the quarter of the Primeknit.


Ultra Boost vs Pure Boost X

With a small group of 20 people (journalists and bloggers) we were lead by a professional coach from INSEP who gave excellent tips for running. On the program was: running laps, running stairs, running through sand,  several exercises and of course stretching.

I was already a fan of the Ultra Boost running shoe and that hasn’t changed. They are very comfortable, have an amazing cushioning, flexible outsole and they make you run faster. The only thing you have to be aware of is to see if this type of shoe is compatible with your feet. For me personally they are a bit too dynamic. But for others they are perfect. Just make sure you tie the laces tight so the shoe will give more support.

For testing the Pure Boost X, I would love to redirect you to one of my favorite bloggers Lilloux. She gives a thorough and honest opinion on the shoes and it is an easy read in French. To me the Pure Boost X look amazing, so just for that alone I would already get them, now we just have to know if we can really run with them ;-). Tell us Lilloux!

IMG_2892 lissimone rz

IMG_1641 lissimone rz

#BoostBelleville in the heart! Toujours


Stretching time at INSEP

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