#BoostBelleville wins Ambiance award at Boost Energy League Final



The Boost Energy League has a new champion. On the 21st of February #BoostSentier has taken the throne from last years final winner #BoostBastille. 


The Boost Energy League, initiated by Adidas, drives on 11 running teams spread out through Paris and has in total 22.000 runners. In this second season the final was held at the prestigious INSEP, which is the National Institute of Sport and Physical Education. A true honor to be there and for the French sport lovers an opportunity to meet some true national sport heroes.


The Battle
The final battle was organized in two spectacular parts. The first part was the Runner Ball, a confrontation between two runners held in the scary and steep velodrome. Yes, helmets were needed! #BoostSentier was finally the winner with a very good runner-up #BoostBatignolles.


Part two was the massive relay between all the 11 teams. 40 members per team would run 340 meter! Again #BoostSentier won followed by #BoostPigalle and #BoostBirHakeim.


So where is #BoostBelleville in this story. Well this is my team. I have been running with them for two years now and proud to say I am a #BoostBelleFille, a #BoostBellevoiseau, and part of the #Teamlagraille. We have fast people, good runners, but we also have beginners and mediocre runners…just a great mixture of people who love to run together. So not necessarily a winning team. But definitely the winner of the best ambiance! The best food after runs! The best bootyshakes whenever there is a good song and the best spirit! During the final with the Relay we had people running who volunteered and wanted to challenge themselves and give all they have for the team. Well thats what I call #TeamSpirit! Proud to say we became 9th during this crazy final.

For the next season our #Gourou aka leader aka Max is going to hand over the torch to JC who will guard the great ambiance of this team. If you feel like running with #BoostBelleville (runs for all levels), check this link.





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