Lolë activewear for this spring & summer


The Canadian brand Lolë (Laughing Out Loud Everyday) was founded in 2002 in Montreal and has become one of the main brands for Yoga and now Running. It passed their biggest competitor Lululemon and is widely available in Europe and most importantly Paris.

Lolë has fun, bold and beautiful activewear that offers high quality.
Check out their spring and summer collection. Their bestsellers are the running leggings capri and burst.

Lolë Atelier Galeries Lafayette
40 Boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris

Lolë Atelier Paris
9 Rue des Blancs Manteaux
75004 Paris 

lole lissimone3

My favorite brassiere of the collection: CAYLA. Love the colors!

lolewomen Collage2

My favorite tops of the collection: NECI & LYNN.

lolewomen Collage

My favorite legging of the collection: SIERRA


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