New boutique for G-Star Raw in Paris



In the fashion heart of Bastille you will find the new amazingly well styled new boutique by G-Star RAW where you will find exclusive and limited collections as G-Star Elwood RAW For The Oceans.

The building is fully designed by G-Star RAW themselves and covers 276m2. When you enter the boutique you feel the charm of the 18th century architecture mixed with modern industrial details.  On the ground floor you will find the men’s collection and on the first floor the women’s with a special part for the high quality denim jeans.

Go check the beautiful boutique for yourself and let me know which item you bought from their amazing ss16 collection!

G-Star Raw store Paris Bastille
24, Rue du Fauborg-Saint-Antoine 
75012 Paris
Mon-Sat: 10.30 – 19.30
Metro: 1,5 and 8

G-Star-store-Paris_Bastille_108_LR-684x1024 G-Star-store-Paris_Bastille_208_LR-1024x684 G-Star-store-Paris_Bastille_226_LR-1024x684 G-Star-store-Paris_Bastille_460_LR-1024x684 G-Star-store-Paris_Bastille_543_LR-1024x684


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