Adidas pushes you to Create!

adidas create

In the follow up of the Sport16 initiative, Adidas started this month a new campaign ‘I’m Here to Create’ which tells the stories of 13 females and their dedication to sport.

The first chapter of this series invites the women to develop their own creativity through the different disciplines they practice and pushing their limits to new highs.

The sporty women that pass by are Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis), Candace
Parker (WNBA All Star), Karlie Kloss (supermodel and entrepeneur), Ana Ivanović
(Tennis), Brian Morgan (child prodigy football), Hannah Bronfman (DJ)
Robin Arzon (street workout) or Nicole Winhoffer  (fitness).

adidas create lissimone-1024x683adidas-sports16-1Candace_PR_Still_01
I believe the campaign works well. It really stimulates you to do your own thing, create your own way, your own path and above all it teaches you to be open minded and not to box yourself in just one discipline.

Check out the videos below and get inspired! My personal favorites are climbing dare devil Sasha DiGiulian and WNBA star Candace Parker aka ‘Beast Mom’!


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