New trend: Fitness Walking with New Feel


It is Back To School time. Holidays are finished. Back to Work. Back to the daily routines. For many also a time to pick up sports again. This summer I discovered a new trend in Paris named Fitness Walking.

Fintness Walking or Power Walking is a great way to get in shape without getting any injuries. It is a sport where you walk faster than you normally do and therefore have to watch your breathing and endurance. Just walking faster makes you exercise every muscle in your body. For more information on this sport check:

To be able to this sport correctly you will need shoes that fits the criterias. New Feel has a line named the Propulse Walk Footwear. The sole is flat, the shoe is flexible and the big toe of the foot has the same level of protection as the heel.

Check out this video where New Feel explains the study and  the creation of the shoe:

And this video shows how they optimized the shoe for the Propulse Walk 400 edition:

For me the shoes and the sport itself are a welcome addition to my life as a runner. It helps me get back from my injuries. So I use them in the days I cannot run. But for people who don’t like running, this is an excellent way to  get in shape in a low-impact way. Big plus of the shoes: amazingly comfy. You can even wear them bare feet.

new feel lissimoneMARCHE-SPORTIVE_lissimonepropulse lissimonechaussures_marche_sportive_femme_propulse_walk_400_noir_argent_rose_newfeel_8311572_1355443


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