#Boostenergyleague with #BoostBelleville makes running fun!


After a successful first season of Boost Battle Run, Adidas is stepping up in the second season with the Boost Energy League. A running championship between 11 teams in Paris with the final in December.

One of the 11 teams is #BoostBelleville. As you may have noticed, I support and run with this team. And with these great Bellevilloise runners and our leader Maximilien N’Tary we will try our utmost best to be crowned as the champions at the final in December. The motto of BoostBelleville is to do every battle with a smile and to run for fun and they are known for their great spirit/vibes/ambiance, home made cakes and love for dancing.


Every Wednesday there is an official run that starts from Café Cheri(e) (close to Metro Station Belleville) and the route will be between 5-10km. All levels are welcome! The battles against other teams are held once a month and there are always people from the team proposing unofficial runs on the Facebookpage. 


The Boost Energy League has officially started last week, but you can always join the team. Just add yourself to the group on the Facebookpage of Boostbelleville and you will get all the info you need. Even if you dont want to compete in the Battle Runs you are more than welcome to do the weekly runs!

boost energy league event

And of course there is the social battle through all the networks as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So don’t hesitate to follow us or use the hashtag #boostbelleville when you post about your runs :-).

Twitter: @BoostBelleville
Instagram: BoostBelleville
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/boostbelleville/

And last but not least!
Check out the interview with our leader Maximilien N’Tary by Lilloux.comhttp://www.lilloux.com/boostbelleville-interview-du-leader-max/


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