#boostBelleville: Running with a smile


As you might have noticed…Paris has been taken over, for a while now, by running teams representing 10 districts. Adidas launched in June the Boost Battle Run Paris. 10 districts represented by their runners, with their own emblem. One of the districts is Belleville aka #BoostBelleville. Every week there is a run that starts in Belleville with each time a different route through the city.



Can you imagine running under the flag of #BoostBelleville with their captain and some great Parisian runners, running besides the Seine, Père-Lachaise, through park Buttes-Chaumont etc? I do it every week now and it gives such a boost feeling! The atmosphere is amazing, such a good ambiance. Not just runners who want to compete, but runners who care about you reaching higher goals in your running experience, step by step. And the places you come across…well I don’t have to tell you how beautiful Paris is.



The run battle between the 10 districts will continue until January 2015. Check out the Facebookpage #BoostBelleville if you want to follow this team or if you want to run with them (subscribe through FB). #BoostBelleville created a great Spotify Playlist which you can listen to during your run. You can even vote for it! Or share the playlist on your Facebook. A great way to support #BoostBelleville in the Boost Battle Run of Paris. And show us your favourite run pictures on Instagram or Facebook with tagging us by #BoostBelleville.

#BoostBelleville makes you run with a smile!



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