Beat Monday Song #12 The Blitz Ambassador

beat monday song collage.jpg

Monday, the first day of the week. After a nice, long, relaxing weekend, away from work and school, starting the day on Monday morning can be extremely difficult. To soften this day a bit we will use music! Time to change your state of mind and make you fly with a smile through this ‘not favorite day’ of the week.

This week it’s ‘Make you no forget’ by Blitz The Ambassador ft Seun Kuti (son of Fela Kuti). The Ghanaian-American hiphop / visual artist is based in Brooklyn, USA. After hearing the album ‘It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back by Public Enemy, he knew that hiphop and rap would be his life. After no luck with getting his album connected with a Major he decided to launch his own label: Embassy MVMT. Which was a smart thing. Okayplayer loves his work and his album is becoming a hype under the youngsters. No wonder since it is a great crossover of hiphop, rap and world music. His album Afropolitan Dreams is out now! Check out the song: a good written rap with great beats.



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