Beat Monday Song #9: House Party x Full Force

monday song

Monday, the first day of the week.

After a nice, long, relaxing weekend, away from work and school, starting the day on Monday morning can be extremely difficult. To soften this day a bit we will use music! Time to change your state of mind and make you fly with a smile through this ‘not favorite day’ of the week.

Today I chose my birthday song! Yesterday was my birthday and on my birthday it is obligatory to dance!
Yesterday was all about keeping it small and being with family. I loved it! And the best birthday gift was seeing my family do the best dance moves ever!
Therefore this song/video/part of a movie is dedicated to my family.

It is all about the movie House Party (1990) which has one of the best dance battle scenes ever! The song on which they are dancing on is from Full Force and is called ‘Ain’t my Type of Hype’. Enjoy!

The official video from Full Force (full song):




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