Innovation with Bionic Yarn x G-Star RAW


It doesn’t happen that often that a denim brand makes it to the main headlines of the Dutch news. But when Pharrell Williams announces during the New York Fashion show that Bionic Yarn and the Dutch G-Star RAW are working together on an environmental theme in combination with denim…it is front page!

Innovation has always been the watchword for the pioneering brand G-Star RAW and she now joins Bionic Yarn to invent jeans of the future. Pharell Williams will be the creative director of the project ‘RAW for the Oceans’. The Denim collection will be made from recycled plastic taken from oceans and their shores. It is a creative long-term exploration, where Bionic Yarn and G-Star RAW have joined expertise to innovate in denim and make a step forward against plastic pollution. This collaboration is the result of a partnership with The Vortex Project, an initiative for Sustainable Oceans via Parley platform.

I am really so happy to see that the big brands are starting to get more involved into innovation and sustainability. The eco-friendly denim will be in stores in August. And knowing Pharrell Williams…the collection will be amazing!


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