Makia – Teaser for FW14/15


Makia was founded in 2001 by a group of friends with the idea to create a clothing label that reflects the Finnish tradition with straightforward design and appreciation for quality.

The success of the brand lies simply in the fact that the boys always stayed true to their roots and values. Like they say themselves on their website: ‘Appreciating quality comes naturally to Finns that endure chilling winds and below zero temperatures during the winters. We at MAKIA wanted to embody these values in our clothes and make them an easy stylish choice to wear, without having to think too much about it’.

Their clothing lines are amazing every season and they create their lookbooks by inviting their international friends to be models and at the same time have a great mental crazy few days in Finland.

Some clothing items are unisex. I already tried one of their winter jackets and I love them! Can’t wait for them to start a real women line. But for now its the boys that will enjoy this brand the most.

Check out the teaser for next winter collection 2014/2015 with this video and some images.


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