Au Revoir! NY here I come!

The holidays are near. Paris is starting to get empty. It is that time to visit family and friends.
Only this year I decided to visit the Big Apple instead. Can’t wait, I am over excited. It has been over 20 years since the last time I was in the amazing city New York.

For my trip I selected some essential stuff to get through the cold or the warmth. This weekend it will be 19 degrees and when I arrive it will be 1 degree, so you never know.

winter 2013

Jacket blue – Protest, Nori. A lightweight polyamide jacket, lined with eiderdown. It folds down to a tiny package, and is easy to bring along in NY. This way I always have a warm down jacket available when I might need it! The jacket has a hoody and two zip pockets.

Skirt – WeSC, Etel. Knitwear, True Blue. Camo jacquard knit pattern.

Jacket black & Tank Top white – 4th and Bleeker by Billabong. For my night out in NY I love to represent this brand.

Water bottle – Sigg. Special edition for Miss France 2014.

Backpack – Dakine, Darby. 25L.

Clutch – Dakine, Mira. Keeping myself organized by keeping my essentials in this clutch.

Special thanks to North Communication for getting me prepped for NY.

And last but not least I am whising you all a marvelous, gezellig, sympa, nice holidays!

Bonnes Fêtes!


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