Sportswear for women only – Anima Athletica


Technical clothing and sports wear are becoming more and more an hot item in fashion due to the fact that more and more people are doing sports. Alexia Romanet was already on to the trend in 2012 and founded the sportswear boutique Anima Athletica specially for women which offers chic and high quality items. The store has been so successful that she just opened a second store in Paris with business partner Karine Chauvier.

The stores is 100% feminine and has a relax feel and chicness. The dressing rooms are spa-liked designed and the Anima Athletica team gives good and personalized advice if needed. The boutique is open to all women who are searching for an outfit suited to their sport while respecting three essential criteria: look , comfort and technical performance. Whether it’s sports Low Impact – yoga, pilates, dancing – or High Impact as running , fitness or cycling, Alexia Romanet and Karine Chauvier make it a point of honor to choose new and often highly effective products from all around the world.

Visit this boutique and when you leave you feel so much more motivated to do sports!

The boutique has the following brands: Lolë , Casall , Tonic, Repetto, Icebreaker, Gore Running Wear, Asics, Speedo, Anita , Shock Absorber, etc.

And from the Spring / Summer 2014 season, Under Armour  has chosen Anima Athletica to exclusively broadcast his StudioLux ® line . This premium collection, developed to meet the desires of women’s sportswear, is directly inspired by fashion trends . Recognized for its technical quality of athletic performance brand , Under Armour offers this new collection with a fashion alternative sports who want to compose a feminine allure and glamor, while retaining the quality and technical Under Armour .
Can`t wait to check it out!

52 Market Pl Saint- Honoré 75001 Paris
Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7:30 p.m.
M 1 – Tuileries
M 7 & 14 – Pyramids
M 3 , 7 & 8 – Opera


10 rue Gustave Courbet, 75016 Paris
Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7:30 p.m.



anima athleticaunnamedanima-athlética-4-448x238

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