Citadium turns into Tokyo

tokyo citadium

December has just started, which means Christmas is almost here. One of the most important holidays around the world and also in France. It is always a feast to see what department stores in Paris will organize for this month.

Citadium is going overseas and invites you to discover the world of Tokyo with their concept ‘It’s Tokyo Time’!

Tokyo remains an iconic place for fashion and food. The store will organize small and large events to surprise the customers and make them feel that they are in a different world. There will be contests by different brands like Puma and Superdry. A wishing tree will make your wildest dreams come true. And of course there is also a photo booth to create the weirdest, most fun pictures. Every Wednesday and Saturday there will be a Japanese DJ to sweep you off your feet with the sounds of Tokyo.

Lots of brands created a special clothing line for this theme (special editions = wannahaves) and you will find lots of Japanese toys, Manga Books, computer games, goodies…you name it!

Check their website, it’s all Tokyo style and don’t forget to check the Facebook page of Citadium, where they announce more contests.

It’s Tokyo Time’ will be at Citadium until 31st of December.

Have fun and Yoi ichinichi o!



citadium tokyo

citadium tokyo

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