Qobuz for music lovers


I love discovering new things that are typically French or French made/origin.

Last month I discovered a streaming/downloading music website named Qobuz. They offer high CD or studio masters quality sound thanks to a thing called ‘flac format‘, unlike other websites as iTunes, Spotify and MOG who uses MP3 compressions. Now I have to admit that being a music lover doesn’t make me a specialist on technical stuff for streaming. But it comes down to that the sound that is streamed to you from the Qobuz server is at the same level of quality as the original CD’s. At home, on your mobile, behind the computer, the quality remains the same.

When I read about the website I was curious to find out if it was all true. Would there be so much difference between for instance Spotify and Qobuz streaming? On the website you can try out some songs for a few seconds and I was immediately blown away. Yes there is a difference. Qobuz made the standard high. And when you have tasted a bit of luxury, you can’t go back in lifestyle.

Qobuz offers different kind of subscriptions. From € 9.99 per month till € 19.99 per month. For some people it seems a lot, but see at as having a giant record store in your own living room or even in your pocket when you are on the road. For me it makes sense. If I can pay €20,- per month for a subscription to visit the movies, and buy approxiametly 2 cd’s in a month,  I can definitely pay €15,- per month for all the music in high quality. And I’ll be still supporting the artist.

The best news is that this music streaming service is not longer only available in France. Today the website will be going live in 8 countries in Europe: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Enjoy !

‘Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination,
and charm and gaiety to life and everything’
– Plato


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