Café des Chats – the place to destress

Le chat

Just a month ago, Le Café des Chats, opened her doors for public.
Situated in the heart of Paris, Le Marais, the café will welcome you with 12 cats that treat the café as their home.

The idea behind the café is to de-stress Parisians. Apparently the ‘purr’ of the cat produces vibrations, which relieve arthritis and rheumatism, which lower your blood pressure and your heartbeat. That’s why the owner of the café, Margeaux Gandelon calls it ‘ purr therapy’. And it is a great place for Parisians who can not have a cat in their tiny apartment of for tourist who miss their cat.

All of the cats have been adopted from rescue centers. I have heard this is not the first cat café in the world. So who knows, it might be the new trend. When you visit the place, let me know your opinion about this concept. And to stay in the cat mood, I just watched the French classic movie ‘Le Chat’. A must see, with Simone Signoret and Jean Gabin.

Le Café des Chats
6 rue Michel Le Comte, Paris 3
Metro Rambuteau

Le ChatLe ChatLe Chat

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