The King of French Street Art – Alëxone Dizac


Another great expo in Paris. And this one you have to visit now, because it shows until the 29th of September!

Born in Paris 1976, Alëxone Dizac discovers graffiti in the early 90’s. The name he uses is Oedipus. In 2000 he developed his techniques on paper and canvas, while continuing to explore the urban areas with his lettering style and surreal characters. After a few years his work is known around the world and he is seen as one of the most important street artist of his generation.

The street work transcends powerful on the canvas paintings. Even the etchings, which is an old technique are amazing. Alëxone paints an abstract fantasy world with characters and colorful patterns. The art stands strong with intricate compositions of cartoon figures/animals that flow throughout the paintings.

Let yourself get intrigued with this artist and visit his expo. If you want to buy an art piece you better bring a good budget, his work is wanted!

Avec Alëxone la peinture s’écoule !
19 – 29 september 2013
Galerie Le Fleuve
64 Rue du Fauborug Saint-Honoré

75008 Paris


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