Jason Jagël in Paris

jason jagel

The HUB, DC Shoes presents exhibition ‘The Bitter End’ by Jason Jagël.
A must see if you have the chance. To me the art gave me an instant happy feeling due to the bright colors. But when you look closely the drawings are not always that cheerful. It is really interesting work with drawings and text about real life. Which makes it genuine.

Jason Jagël, born in Boston, lives in San Francisco with his family. Has travelled all around the world to showcase his work. No rookie for sure, but showing his art for the first time in Paris. About the collab with DC Shoes, Jason told me that the deal went really quick, thanks to Arkitip. Before he knew it his work was here at The HUB. And what made him really happy about the collab is that DC picked out some true art out of his collection instead of doing the obvious by choosing a logo or one piece item for their clothing line.

Check out this video to see how Jason works and which materials he uses.

The Hub in Paris is one of my favorite places. A creative place by DC shoes where they have exhibitions of artists that they are working with. Every time I go there I am impressed with the their newest collab (last collab was with SBTG). If you want to be up to date of the newest artists in the world, check their newspaper The Hub.

If you go to the exhibition, don’t forget to take the free booklet of Jason’s art work.

12 septembre – 15 Novembre 2013

15 Rue Montorgueil
Paris 1er

jason jagel jason jagelJason Jagel

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