Colorado boots to rock Paris

CAT ColoradoC’est La Rentrée!

Paris is alive again. The citizens came back from their countryside trips and work/school-life has started for a new year. Also for me, back to writing for the blog. Trying to get some new projects running and the week is starting to get full with visiting presentations, meeting people, see what’s the buzz and talking about the holidays.

Although summer is still here in full glory, which I am so happy about, I want to introduce my new boots for this autumn. Yes, autumn is almost here, September the 21st. And I guess this is my buzz item for La Rentrée.

I am talking about the Colorado’s! CAT Footwear introduced them back in 1991 and always been strong in the market. But especially now they are back and a hot item here in Paris. When CAT Footwear asked me to take some photos for the next lookbook, I didn’t hesitate. I was on the job!

Take a peek at my photo shoot and the CAT Footwear lookbook with photos and quotes about the Colorado’s by fashion/lifestyle bloggers from around the world.

Hope you like it and wishing you all a good return back at school and work life!

For lookbook click here


Photographer: Coco The Monkey


Photographer: Coco The Monkey

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