Just do it! makes you go beyond

Serena Williams

Nike is back, again! How do they do it! Nike shows time after time why they are the biggest…they simply have the best marketing.

Coming from the advertisement business, I have great respect for the fact that Nike is solid in making great commercials without getting boring, and capable of keeping there pay-off for already, 25 years! Just do it!

To celebrate these 25 years, Nike launched the commercial yesterday and shows different fields of sports with stars as Gerard Piqué, SerenaWilliams and LeBron James. They push you to go further: So you can beat your buddies in a basketball game, go play college basketball, then go beat the street court legend, and when you beat him go beat the biggest star, LeBron. The commercial dares you and makes you feel it is possible to get there. Be beyond of what you are!

And of course Nike has apps to help you to achieve your goals by using  Nike+ Running and NikeFuel. The apps start by challenging yourself, challenging your friends and eventually challenging the super stars.

So go watch it for yourself. Curious of what you think. I love it!

Title: Possibilities
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore
Music: “Future Starts Slow” by The Kills
Voiceover: Bradley Cooper

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