Almost weekend. Time for a 51 Rosé

51 rose

Summer is here. The weekend is here. And it feels tropic in the city!
Work is done and it is time to have some fun with my friends.

My mission today is to introduce my new favorite drink to my girlies and see what they think. It is the 51 Rosé from Pernod Ricard. A true nice sweet refreshment.

First time I tried it, I wasn’t sure I would like it. Ricard is known for the anise taste. Which you either love or hate. And clearly I wasn’t a fan. But the mix of berries and anise in the 51 Rosé is a surprisingly good one. Sweet pink drink with a small kick of anise. And then drink it ice cold… a summer hit!

Let me know what you think. Enjoy the weekend and the summer!

51 Rosellllitl-pernod-ricard-51-rosé-pastis-été-publicité-marketing-alcool-apéritif-fruits-glacons-agence-marcel


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