Derrick Rose & Moi

Derrick Rose

After spending some time with family in The Netherlands I returned last week to Paris. The next day I had to get up early and be fresh for a great week to come.
I had the privilege to work with ‘Dans le Spirale’. They publish the free magazine ‘Le Closet Mag’ and for this week they organized with Adidas a basketball camp for youngsters throughout Paris in honor of the one and only … Derrick Rose.

For those that love basketball and follow the NBA, they know exactly who I am talking about. I have to be honest. Although I am a big fan of the game, I didn’t know who he was, and yes, I feel so ashamed. After years of not watching the NBA, I started this year to watch it again. Unfortunately the big star, youngest MVP chosen ever in 2011, had a serious knee injury in 2012. And took the whole year to rehabilitate.

To start his introduction, watch his highlights first. You don’t have to watch it all, just a few minutes and you will already be amazed.

So now you have an idea of what he is capable of.
Born in Chicago, Derrick Rose learned the game from his three older brothers.
The family soon discovered the talent of this young man (now 24) and protected him from the outside world of sport agents and everybody who wanted to take advantage of him. Nice note: the logo of D Rose consists of three leaves of a rose (the brothers) and the number 1 in the middle of the D (his mother).
After a successful time at University of Memphis Tigers he got first drafted in 2008 for the Chicago Bulls and became Rookie of the Year. And now he has become one of the most important players of the NBA next to LeBron James and Kobe.
When the tragic injury in 2012 happened, the supporters were afraid that this star would never come back to the game again…

Then Derrick Rose aka D Rose and his tight family got together with Adidas, and created this amazing commercial:

Yes, the master of quickness and jumps, is coming back to the NBA. And with a come back there is a World Tour, the D Rose Tour. To visit the fans and to demonstrate his new D Rose 3.5 signature shoes. And of course he would not pass by the city of Paris. To prepare his visit on the 12th and 13th of July,
‘Dans Le Spirale’ organized a basketball camp for 4 days on 4 different locations. Tough and fun trainings were giving by a team of coaches to see which kids would be selected for an All Star game and a One-on-One on Friday the 12th of July.
At every training the youngsters would get a NBA/Adidas jersey and shorts (Lakers/Trail Blazers/Bulls) and they could try out the D Rose 3.5 shoes. And this was my responsibility for the week. Making sure everyone got a jersey/shorts and organizing the transfers of the shoes.

Basketball Camp D Rose

What a fun and great week it was! I have been to beautiful playgrounds and tough neighborhoods. Every training had more than 50 youngsters. And every time they worked hard, showed what they were worth and enjoyed it to the fullest. Even the drill moments.

When the day came for the All Star game and the One-on-One, I even felt proud for the ones who made it. The All Star game was held at the most beautiful playground in Paris. Why the most beautiful? Very simple, the Eiffel Tower was shining right behind it. And thats what Derrick Rose was thinking too. He payed a visit to the game, which made the All Stars play even harder!
The One-on-One was held at the Loft, specially made for Derrick Rose,
press conference, sales meeting, kids event and Party.

There is so much to tell about to this whole week. I feel fortunate to have contributed to this project, which made a lot of kids in Paris happy.  And yes, me happy to have met this legend to be, Derrick Rose. Even more happy to have met the legend B.J. Armstrong, who is his agent. It was great to meet some French athletes at the D Rose party who I will support at the next Olympics of course. And meeting Batum, French player of the Trail Blazers Portland. Nice to see that
D Rose’s family is as tight as they say, he has the cutest baby ever! Great afro!! Altogether it gave me a boost of energy. So thank you ‘Dans Le Spirale’ and ‘Adidas’. Wouldnt have missed in the world!

Thinking of my come back…

For more information about the D Rose Tour and Basketball Camp in Paris and for more pictures, click here or go to Facebook/Leclosetlab. After the pictures below, watch the video about the rehabilitation of D Rose, it’s worth it!

D Rose Basketball CampD Rose Basketball CampD Rose Basketball CampD Rose Basketball CampD Rose Basketball CampD Rose Basketball CampD Rose Basketball CampDerrick RoseD Rose Basketball Camp

Fact: D Rose loves playing table tennis!Derrick RoseDerrick Rose kidsDerrick Rose KidsDerrick Rose KidsD Rose Basketball Camp

If you need some motivation for doing that run you planned, for your own come back from an injury or for anything else…watch this short documentary of the Return of Derrick Rose made by The Rose Family and Adidas. Beautifully done and inspirational!

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