Billabong is back with collab Alexandra Spencer


The Australian surf brand Billabong used to be huge back in the 90’s. I remember having some items, so I could compete with the ones who were wearing O’Neill. And I wasn’t even surfing. But since a while Billabong lost its cool. Still a great brand and used by true surfers, but like they say, a brand looses its cool when dad is starting to wear it.

So I am glad that Billabong is still fighting and making a great ‘come back’ in the world other than surfing with the collaboration ‘4th and Bleeker‘. A blog run by Alexandra Spencer based in New York. In a few years time her blog began to be a true influential fashion blog and she soon began to work with Louis Vuitton,  Harpers Bazaar, J Brand and Vogue. A very smart move by Billabong since her blog is being watched daily by thousands of visitors.

In the collection you will see everyday favorites like the denim jacket. Lace up jeans are combined with the trendy bomber jacket. And daring micro mini dresses to provide a classic, sexy though sophisticated style of urban beach wear. 

The collection debuts the first week of September worldwide. Urban beach wear Billabong goes classic and I can not wait to see the full collection.


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