The Rice Burger


You might be asking yourself what to cook for tonight. How about a rice burger!

The first time I had the privilege to taste a rice burger was recently during a presentation of laViande. Really nice presented by the singing chef Kumisolo. And it was delicous! At that moment I thought, what an original idea! But later I learned that the concept of the rice burger is a well known one in East Asia.

The first introduction for this burger was made in 1987 by the MOS burger fast-food restaurant chain and became a huge hit in East Asia. Even McDonalds started to offer the rice burger in 2005 to meet the demand.

No idea if you can find a restaurant in Paris who makes the rice burger. But the good news is, there is a cookbook ‘Bon Appetons’ by the lovely singing chef Kumisolo and a video where she shows you how to make it. Check it out, it is really funny:

The video was made in collaboration with LaKitchenMusic. And the cookbook ‘Bon Appetons’ is now available at concept store Colette .

I am curious if you will be able to make a solid rice cake for the burger, it’s a challenge.

Bon appetite!


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