A Brit in Paris – Dr. Martens

Dr Martens

The British are well represented in Paris with the reborn Dr. Martens shop. Based at the shopping area outside of Les Halles.

Dr. Martens had it’s shop at this location for a while and sold manly the basic collection with the famous classic 1460 8-eye boots made in Northamptonshire, England. But now, after the renovation, the shop has transformed into a beautiful shop with the total and updated collection of Dr Martens. Including the special editions, which we love!

The shop has two levels. And is selling female and male collection, from shoes, trousers to nice blocked shirts. The accessories are a definite to check out! Love the bags, classy with a little edge. The atmosphere and look of the shop is amazingly well done, it has Britain written all over it. Brick walls, leather sofa’s and vintage floors. With great street art work by Christian Guémy aka C215.

Check out this video to see how the art work was made:

Dr. Martens, 12 Rue Pierre Lescot – Paris, France 75001

Dr MartensDr Martens

Dr MartensDr MartensDr MartensDr MartensDr MartensDr Martens

One response to “A Brit in Paris – Dr. Martens

  1. These boots are made for walking and that,s etc.

    Good stuff

    Dad and mom

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    Op 9 jun. 2013 om 18:36 heeft “lis simone” het volgende geschreven:


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