Habitat brings us back to the 60’s


At the edge of Paris, Puces de Sain-Ouen, Habitat will open in June an unique place for resale and purchase of furniture and accessories. Products that will be sold are iconic items from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The area is quite famous for the flea markets. It feels like going to the real/raw part of Paris where the markets rule the city. And when you turn a corner you will find yourself in the middle of antique shops where Saint-Ouen is known for. Don’t be surprised to see a limo turning up in this concrete-jungle part of Paris.

Habitat 1964 is in the middle of this. I have to say, I love the location. Industrial look, big loft with a tranquil garden, lots of epic furniture that would make my living room complete and grafiti on the wall with ancient sculptures guarding the premises. It makes you wonder how they even found this place?

Go check Habitat 1964 if you love vintage. If you want to discover what vintage furniture is. If you want to sell your 70’s chair (check the website how). Or if you want a new look for your loft.

Habitat 1964, L’ espace Vintage, will open their doors June 8th.

Address: 77 Rue des Rossiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen.

Websites to check: http://www.habitat1964.com, http://www.leclaireur.com and http://www.tarteskluger.com


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