Windows Surface Pro makes you dance


Yes, I am also a geek girl. Being from the MS-DOS generation, I have always been curious about high-tech and the systems behind it. And always been amazed how quickly this industry keeps developing. Therefore I was really excited to go to the launch of Windows Surface Pro in Paris. And it was worth it!

After the introduction by Windows we were able to try out the tablets ourselves. The first thing that striked me was how easy to use this tablet is. After working for a while with an iPad, I was not sure if I could convert back to Windows. But the Windows 8 system makes it very easy and it looks very stylish, fun, though professional. Love the light rubber colorful keyboards that you can buy with the tablet.

The possibilities with this tablet is indefinite. I would say it is more a very light ultraportable PC. The whole Office-package is there and even Adobe Programs as InDesign work on this 10.6 inch screen! Remember those moments when you were working on your iPad and thought…I wish I had Office on this thing. Seeing now what Surface Pro has to offer, I can understand better why this tablet is a strong opponent for the iPad.

Extra thanks to the DJ who was trying to get the visitors to dance. It was great to see her spinning on the tablet. Making it look so easy. I couldn’t help but noticing a Mac Pro on her DJ set though …I guess a DJ can never live without the Mac. The program/app that she was using on the Surface Pro tablet was: edjing. Which is free to download.

The Windows Surface Pro is in France available online and at Boulanger, Carrefour, Darty, Fnac and the Microsoft Store.



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