Mr & Mrs Sabotage Expo


The famous international designer Mark Ong and his wife Sue-Anne Lim are Mr & Mrs Sabotage. Native Singaporeans and famous for design, customizing sneakers and having great collabs with well known brands. As now again with DC Shoes. They are presenting their exposition ‘Acoustic Anarchy Paris’ in the creative studio of DC Shoes, The Hub.

The exclusive artworks shows a range of different influences as punk, horror and americana. The exhibition has exclusive limited series of silkscreen prints and workshops. Check out this video where you can see how the art work is being created. I love the way they use different and raw materials for their art and cultivate them in a delicate way.

It was great to meet Mark Ong and to see how he loves life, art, skateboarding, basketball and especially his wife. Go and see this great expressive artwork by this duo in Paris at The Hub!

Interview with Mark Ong:

Acoustic Anarchy Paris will run through June 22nd at The HUB, 15 rue Montorgueil, 75001 Paris.


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