So stylish! Q.U.E.E.N.

janelle monae badu queen

The video of this genius song has been out since the beginning of May. So I am bit late for posting it, but I am so amazed by this colab I just had to post it anyway. Better late than never.

Janelle Monae has become in the last few years a great fashion icon. Just look at this video! It is the most style-packed video I have seen for a long time, with giving a big ode to the 60’s. Check out the outfits, check out the shoes, check out the moves! She is definitely smashing this one. Great style combines so lovely with the great soul-funk tunes and the oh so powerful assisted jam by Miss Erykah Badu… The only word I have for this is: Fierce!

And let’s not forget the lyrics. Janelle always sings about what she strongly believes in. The lyrics make you think and they make you want to be proud of who you are.

Can’t wait to see another colab between these two amazing artists! And I can’t wait to get my own tuxedo!

Have fun watching the video & dance, cause as Janelle says it: “the booty don’t lie”.

erykah janelle


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