King & Queen of The Netherlands


Today is Royal Orange Day in The Netherlands! Many of you might know the special crazy and fun day: Queensday. But this day is extra special. After 33 years, the Queen, Beatrix, will abdicate from the throne and will hand it over to her son Willem Alexander.


The Abdication was a beautiful moment to watch. One of those great tv moments where Beatrix, Willem Alexander and Maxima were truly showing their emotions. And the crowed on Dam Square were giving them cheering shouts. And ofcourse our new Queen, Maxima, looked amazing in her dress designed by Edouard Vermeulen.

After the Abdication, King Willem Alexander was sworn in at the Nieuwe Kerk. A true tradition and beautiful classical done. Queen Maxima next to him in an even more sparkling amazingly beautiful blue dress made by dutch designer Jan Taminiau. For this designer an honor and a dream come true to design for the future Queen of The Netherlands.

A day like this makes me miss my home country. The Dutch know how to make a party and create a great atmosphere. If you have the chance, you should experience Queensday. Which will be named Kingsday from now on. And will be on the 26th of April. I’ll promise you an amazing day with dancing, singing, weird moments, a feeling of brotherhood, lot of orange, and lots of laughter!

Wim LexMaxima

When Beatrix became Queen on April 30th 1980:te460_1980_05_30_p16_17m1nxe77a2mxi_std1024m1nxe7da0h1e_std1024m1nxe7ha611r_std1024m1nxe7gauk23_std1024king and queen

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